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Massage & Bodywork by Sarah Anne, NJ Licensed MT, Experience 18 years

My mission is to provide a holistic approach to wellness offering a variety of healing and healthy services for your mind and body. I have a tremendous understanding about connection, energy & mental health and offer support to each & every client by focusing on goals & commitment. New Jersey Massage & Wellness is a great start in addressing & resolving your emotional & physical needs. 

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The practice of Zen meditation essentially revolves around observation of your thoughts and how your mind and body operate. It's a practice different than most meditation - more strict than your typical Tibetan meditations - which is done generally for relaxation & stress relief.  

Zen meditation is used for deep-rooted problems, anxieties, self acceptance, self discovery, and questions about life that you don't necessarily have the answers to. Zazen is practiced to get to the core of our problems instead of temporarily relieving the symptoms.  

You don't need to be a Buddhist to practice Zen meditation. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The one on one and group sessions offers you instruction and mindfulness techniques you can incorporate into your daily life in a way that works for you.  Inquire within for One-On-One sessions.

it is said that over 85% of our physical pain is emotional

Our brain is extremely powerful and complex.


Our body responds to the way we think, feel, and act.  The saying, "Our Body Hear's Everything We Think" has meaning.  Each emotion creates a different feeling within the body: it releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy or upset. Each chemical works to create a different environment within our bodies.  Our brain releases serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, when we feel good and happy. Conversely, we release cortisol we are stressed and our emotions differ. 



  • Acne: Refusing to like and accept yourself as you are
  • Addictions: Lack of self-love and avoiding to face your own fears
  • Aids: Guilt related to sex and/or sexuality
  • Alcoholism: Inability to accept yourself and/or your circumstances
  • Allergies: You or someone else is getting in between you and your own self power
  • Alzheimers Disease: Refusing to living in your own shoes
  • Anorexia: Afraid of being rejected and lack of self-love
  • Anxiety: Refusing to live in the present
  • Arthritis: Lack of self-love and self-acceptance
  • Back Pain (Upper): Yearning for understanding
  • Back Pain (Middle): Overpowered by guilt
  • Back Pain (Lower): Financially instable
  • Baldness: Lack of trust in life and wanting to feel in control of every single aspect of your life
  • Blackheads: Anger outbursts
  • Blood Pressure (Low): Embracing a negative attitude to life
  • Blood Pressure (High): Accumulation of emotional problems
  • Bone Problems: Rebellion towards authority
  • Bowel Irregularities: Not wanting to let go and/or feeling stuck in a particular situation
  • Breast Problems (Left): Refusing to taking care and loving yourself
  • Breast Problems (Right): Over-protection and inability to love someone
  • Breathing Issues: Feeling unable to handle life
  • Bronchitis: Bad family environment
  • Bruises: A punishing attitude to oneself
  • Bulimia: Hating oneself
  • Burns: Unbearable anger
  • Cancer: Extreme hurt and/or grief possibly related to past experienced issues
  • Cholesterol: Inability to experiencing joy in life
  • Circulation (Blood): Feeling stuck and/or lacking ideas and positive emotions
  • Colds: Unable to handle too many things and/or issues
  • Cough: Feeling a deep need to make a point
  • Depression: Feeling hopeless
  • Diabetes: Yearning for something which is no more in your life
  • Diarrhea: Running away from someone and/or something
  • Dizziness: Being ungrounded and/or lack of focus
  • Ear Issues: Unwilling to hear
  • Elbow Issues: Not wanting to accept recent changes
  • Eye Cataracts:  Unable to look eagerly towards the future
  • Eye Issues in Children: Closing their eyes to current family problems
  • Fainting: Not wanting to cope with current situation
  • Feet Issues: Not wanting to move forward
  • Feminine Issues: Conflict with feminine aspects of yourself
  • Fever: Anger
  • Fibroids: Feminine ego being hurt by partner
  • Finger Issues (Thumb): Feeling controlled and/or always worrying
  • Finger Issues (Index): Going against authority and/or guardian/parent
  • Flu: Too much negativityGas: Hidden concernsGrey Hair: Stress
  • Gum Issues: Unable to make one’s mind on important life issues
  • Hand Issues: Unable to handle things  that should be dealt with
  • Headache: Criticising oneself
  • Heart Attack: Focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process
  • Heartburn: Being devoured by fear and feeling unable to go with life’s flow
  • Heart Issues: Dealing with life issues through anger
  • Hemorrhoids: Not wanting to move on
  • Hip Issues: Feeling unable to take important decisions
  • Impotence: Anger bottled up towards a past partner and/or harnessing sexual guilt
  • Indigestion: Anxiety related to a recent/current/upcoming event
  • Infection: Anger and/or irritation about a particular situation
  • Jaundice: Feeling or being prejudiced
  • Kidney Issues: Bottled-up anger that hasn’t been dealt with
  • Knee Issues: Unable to be flexible with own ideas
  • Leg Issues: Not wanting to move forward
  • Leukemia: Lack of excitement in life
  • Liver Issues: Resisting change
  • Lung Issues: Fearing life and feeling unworthy
  • Menopausal Issues: Feeling unwanted
  • Migraine: Fears related to sex and/or letting someone into your life all the while feeling pressured by someone
  • Nausea: Rejecting something
  • Neck Issues: Refusing to see another’s point of view
  • Overweight: Needing emotional support and protection due to insecurity
  • Pain: Guilt
  • PMS: Rejecting feminine aspects within yourself
  • Prostate Issues: Sexual guilt and/or pressure
  • Seizures: Wanting to run away from life
  • Shoulder Issues: Carrying other’s issues onto you
  • Sinus: Feeling irritable towards someone in particular
  • Skin Issues: Feeling threatened by someone
  • Slip Disk: Feeling lack of support from those around you
  • Sore Throat: Inability to express your true feelings about something/someone
  • Snoring: Feeling unable to move on from old patterns
  • Stomach Issues: Feeling malnourished
  • Stroke: Not being allowed to deal with own emotions
  • Teeth Issues: Unable to think through important decisions
  • Thyroid Issues: Feeling humiliated and/or repressed
  • Tumors: Drowning in remorse
  • Ulcers: Feeling you are not good enough
  • Urinary Issues: Anger usually towards someone of the opposite sex
  • Varicose Veins: Being in a hateful/uncomfortable situation


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