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I truly believe in and love the benefits of massage. 

 I am a New Jersey State Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist and have been practicing for 18 years.  My focus is your health, both mental and physical. Nurturing ourselves is crucial for our over all health and well being. I offer a safe and comfortable environment. 

I understand how hard is to find time for ourselves, and I understand your time with me is valuable. I have strong compassion towards each and every client and you won't know that until you meet me. It is extremely important to me that you come and go relaxed leaving with positive energy and a positive experience.  I truly love the benefits of massage. This is not me selling myself to you either.  I do not talk during sessions (though some people relax better by talking and that's okay).  I love meeting new people, I love the energy and making connections, or not making the connection - gives me something to work harder towards.  I find the commonality between pain, suffering (including emotional suffering) and disease interesting. I am interested in you, I want to know what you have to say and I will listen. You will have my full attention.


Prices will increase after Mother's Day. This will not effect those that return on a monthly basis. 

I do my part to prevent any miscommunication or stress on consumers by repeating my policies over and over on the website, on the contact form, and on the online booking form.  If you have a budget issue, I am more than happy to discuss payment options with you. Thank you for understanding. 

I feel it's best to be honest and forthright with my clients. I strive to give every client the therapeutic treatment they are seeking, though in the end, I may not be the therapist for you. When I started this practice I thought I had to accommodate everyone because of the "customer service rules."  This is not only my practice, but my reviews, my reputation, my art, and my work.  With that said, I am particular about my clients,  in a sense. I average about 35 clients a week. There are those who come to me for relaxation and there are those who come to me with a list of goals for pain management.  Those with pain management goals:  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you as I truly care and want to help you live pain free.  I believe in my techniques, work, and intuition.  I know how much effort and strength I put out  to service you with your health in mind. A client isn't just someone who leaves and goes, you leave with my work. I want to know about the results and I want to know about your progress.  In a world of money, greed and no one cares; please understand that I do care and you will know that once you start working with me. I can only hope that you are nurturing your body the way it deserves once you leave the office to continue the therapeutic benefits.  What you do after you leave and how you choose to love yourself matters.

Which brings me to another topic. I do tend to run behind sometimes because I spend time with each individual. Some need more time than others. I will always text in advance if I am running 15 min behind or so. I appreciate you understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

And lastly, I bring this up because no one, under any circumstance, should ever feel uncomfortable in their own space.  I work  in this industry because I am a dedicated healer, caretaker, and live to inspire and motivate others. With that said, in the event of any inappropriate behavior, your session will end immediately and you will still be expected to pay for my loss of time.  I have the right to refuse any client for any reason.  I have been told before, several times actually, that by stating this, this has made potential clients and clients rethink their decision to book with me because it made them feel uncomfortable in some way.  My response to that is; that uncomfortable feeling, is a reflection deep down inside about you, not me.  - SHANTI

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