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Give Yourself The Gift Of Massage Therapy

Fight Stress & Find Serenity Anywhere, Any Location with Chair Massage


Corporate Chair Massage is cost effective addition to your company's benefit package with superb ROI (return on investment). Chair massage is a fully clothed massage performed by a licensed massage & bodywork expert in a chair specifically designed for massage. As the benefits of massage are realized, more businesses are offering chair massage in the workplace as an employee incentive and health maintenance resource.

Employee Appreciation Events

VIP Appreciation ​Events

Corporate Luncheons

Corporate Golf Outings

Athletic Events 



​End of Project Reward

​Holiday Parties

Sales Incentive Reward

​Corporate Meetings / Conferences

Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage:

Ease Tension

Reduce Anxiety 

Help Improve General Feelings of Contentment & Health

Reduces Blood Pressure

Carpel Tunnel Improvement

Improve Job Performance 

Increase Productivity

Improve Moods (massage increases serotonin & dopamine levels while decreasing cortisol levels in the body) ​

One of the most effective ways of improving your circulation is frequent massages. Chair massage focuses on your upper and lower extremities. This attention will help break up dead tissue and adhesions in the muscles, as well as relieving tension in the joints and tendons, while boosting circulation to the affected regions associated with day to day desk jobs, standing long periods of time, or jobs that require heavy and repetitive lifting. 

The Problem with Desk Jobs: Sitting still for extended periods of time is that your circulatory system can take a major beating as it struggles to pump blood around your body; when you sit around too much your circulation can become labored because it has to work against gravity to pump the blood up from your lower body back towards your heart. These issues can worsen exponentially, resulting in swelling, aching bones and joints, varicose veins, and in more severe cases, deep vein thrombosis or DVT. 

Unfortunately, working hard at a desk most of the day is unavoidable for a lot of people; however, there are some methods you can put into practice which can help reduce the potentially harmful effects of being a desk jockey and prevent circulatory disorders.

Chair massage increases circulation countering the circulatory problems inherent with office work and offers an appreciated break for employees. Other techniques you can use are ankle rotations, frequent breaks, ankle dorsiflexion (the motion of curling your foot up in the direction of your knee, can work wonders for driving blood into your calves and the muscles surrounding the front of your shin) with repetitions, leg raises, and bicycle peddling. 

What To Expect:

Are Oils or Lotions Used?

In a chair massage, clients sit fully clothed and massages are given over the clothes with no oils or lotions. However, some therapist may use a light lotion for the neck or hands, but never oils. 

Where do MT's usually set up their chairs at corporate events? 

Most companies set up the massages in a conference room that isn't being used, or in an empty office. But we have done massages in corporate gyms, waiting rooms, cubicles, and even storage closets!

But overall, a semi-private quiet space is the best atmosphere (and most relaxing) for a seated massage.

Do the therapists need a break between each seated massage?

The massage therapist doesn't need a break between each massage. The chair massages can be scheduled back-to-back. The therapist only needs about 30 seconds between clients to sanitize the chair before starting the next corporate massage.

How Long Are The Sessions? Will This Service Disrupt The Work Environment & Work Flow?

A typical Chair Massage is 10-15 min. We suggest a sign up sheet to organize the client list so that the work environment is not interrupted, always kept quiet, and productivity never slows. 

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